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Founder, CEO


Biancka Douglas, affectionately known as Ms. B!, is the founder and creator of Ladies Of Wisdom women's empowerment group. At the age of 22, Biancka was introduced to the concept of self-love, self-care, and self- awareness through the lens of divine femininity. Since then she has dedicated over 15 years to empowering other women to do the same. Ms. B! has also been an advocate for women's emotional health for over 20 years after witnessing so much physical abuse towards women. She advocates for the education, safety, and overall success of women in various age groups. In 2013, Ms. B! began her outreach to young girls as a keynote speaker at PS 50 in The Bronx, NY. In 2017, she launched The 1st Annual Ladies Of Wisdom Meet and Greet Event - affording women the opportunity to commune in safe spaces while engaging in conversation surrounding topics of general interest and concern. From that inception, Ms. B! has gone on to create and produce 2 other Ladies Of Wisdom annual events-The Annual Mother's Day Event and The Annual Vision Board Party. In 2022, Ladies Of Wisdom launched it's very first group coaching program called The I.S.E.E.U. In this intensive 6-month dedication program, Ms. B! continues her work of empowerment by assisting program participants with accomplishing one desired goal of their choosing. Biancka is honored to benefit from the generations of wisdom passed unto her and works continuously to share that wisdom with other women as well.

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